The perfect match to boost your software project: German Management & Ukrainian IT-Development

We provide the best developers to build your remote team – you get your

project safely to its destination.

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SKIY31 is an innovative German IT outstaffing and consulting company with networks in Ukraine and many years of expertise in software development. We are a team of experienced German management and passionate Ukrainian engineers, who build, launch and grow successful digital products.

We have access to the most competent professionals that the market has to offer – you benefit from our unique talent pool of top-class developers from Ukraine.

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Build up your Remote Team

Only 5 steps to your success: We connect your exciting software projects with exceptional specialists to deliver amazing digital solutions. Our service for you is building efficient remote development teams while integrating your strategic targets, respecting your IP, and committing to your software product's quality.


Only top talents for your project! We provide highly skilled developers and help you choose the technologies – ensuring that your team has the experience and the tech-, language-, and soft skills to boost your software project.

Remote Team-Setup

When you work with the best, collaboration comes so easy. The initial onsite visit of your specialists to your workshop is free of charge for you.


We help you to establish the development process by installing a project manager who saves you a lot of time – and money.


In any project, communication is the key to the successful delivery of the end solution. You can expect a daily interaction with your software development team, as well as weekly and monthly reports.


We provide you a remote team within four weeks. You enjoy 30%-60% less costs compared to regular team setups. Finally, with our efficient and skilled specialists, you bring your project in time, quality, and budget to the destination.

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Why choose SKIY31

We help create better software

We provide the best software developers so that you can focus on getting your project safely to its destination. We transfer our expertise for startups to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.

We provide you the missing puzzle piece

We increase your productivity and reduce your costs. You deliver better products faster and have more budget to invest in growth.

We keep the best cost-to-quality ratio

Quality does come at a price, but we manage to keep the best cost to quality ratio. Our engineers are well-trained certified professionals with dedicated diplomas in computer science.

We keep your risks low and benefits high

The journey from requirements to establishing a remote team is free of charge for you. Not attractive enough? One of our experienced on-demand CTOs / Solution Architects will support you in your undertaking.

We combine German holistic management and Ukrainian passion for technology

The best of two worlds – we will bring your project reliably to an excellent solution, while ensuring high quality.

We accelerate your projects with flexibility, speed, efficiency, and sustainable quality.

No more time-consuming recruiting of employees, no more exceeded budgets and timelines, no more missed strategic goals.

Your dream shouldn't fail just because you don't have the right people!

We design the perfect team to deliver project success: with competent and highly motivated employees who love what they do.

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Our Brand - Our Story

SKIY31? Vision, Discipline, Will, and Passion!

These are the values that shape our SKIY31 brand – and the technological heritage of Ukraine. In 1950 the first electronic computer in Central Europe was built in Kyiv with passion for engineering, tireless research, and the will to succeed – from people who had worked relentlessly to improve their skills and pushed the limits of what is possible …

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Thank you!

SKIY31 impressed us by their agility of work, profound know-how, and the ability to meet our expectations in solution development. The communication and the working process with our remote team in Ukraine is always on the top level, professional, and personal like one team. We look forward to extending our collaboration.

Jacqueline YildirimFounder and CEO of

SKIY31 is well-connected to the startup ecosystem, universities, venture capitalists and technology companies in the region.

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