Build your remote team

Only 5 steps to your success: We connect your exciting software projects with exceptional specialists to deliver amazing digital solutions. Our service for you is building efficient remote development teams, while integrating your strategic targets, respecting your IP, and committing to the quality of your software product.


Only top talents for your project! We hire highly skilled developers and help you choose the technologies – ensuring that your team has the experience and the tech-, language-, and soft skills to boost your software project.

Remote Team-Setup

When you work with the best, collaboration comes so easy. The initial onsite visit of your specialists to your workshop is free of charge for you.


We help you to establish the development process by installing a project manager, who saves you a lot of time – and money.


In any project, communication is the key to the successful delivery of the end solution. You can expect a daily interaction with your software development team, as well as weekly and monthly reports.


We provide you a remote team within four weeks. You enjoy 30%-60% less costs compared to regular team setups. Finally, with our efficient and skilled specialists, you bring your project in time, quality, and budget to the destination.

SKIY31 Remote IT Teams

Talent matching

Outstanding companies are made of outstanding people.

We understand your requirements and design the optimal team architecture to make your vision a reality.

Our specialists meet strict requirements for social and communication skills, as well as language skills in English and German in addition to technical experience.

We focus on extraordinary talents with specialized technical skills and strong will to succeed. We believe that outstanding commitment and engagement lead to exceptional results.

Finally, in a dedicated interview, you decide whether the chemistry fits and the collaboration with your remote team can begin.

Remote Team-Setup

Our team setup – designed for best performance and continuous success.


For your perfect remote team, we create the perfect work infrastructure in a trendy office space. We know that our specialists are our most important asset.

Success and the motivation for top performance, which come from passion for technology, high technical skills and inspiring environment.

We offer our experts optimal technological and ergonomic workspace and create a positive and motivating team spirit.

Scale your software development with a virtual team.

Start of work:

The first trip of your remote team to your location is for personal acquaintance and the project kick-off. The first workshop in Germany is free of charge – further trips are possible at any time by arrangement. A time-efficient start because the flight from Kyiv to Frankfurt only takes two and a half hours.

The team receives your task briefing, asks all the right questions, and the collaboration may begin.


We organize the workflow – you focus on your crucial goal.

Working with your remote team begins with the definition of your requirements – optionally, we support you with agile workflow expertise. We set up the tools and the development process for you if necessary. You have full transparency and control over the tasks, processes, and results.

After onboarding, the employees have all the information and the necessary technical infrastructure. We make sure the essential material and tools are available. If necessary, an experienced project manager will actively support you in the induction process.

We provide a project manager, certified scrum master, and will support you in setting up the processes.

If you have a challenge designing your digital solution, one of our experienced on-demand CTOs / Solution Architects will assist you with your plan.

Going agile can be better for quick projects and short deadlines – let SKIY31 show you how.
You have already established a development process – or should we support you?


Success is not just a question of competence, but also of good communication.

To communicate with your team smoothly, there is no need for physical proximity – all you need is transparency, process, and the right tools to exchange information efficiently. Your remote team works so closely with you that there is no difference between remote and local physical presence. Only one hour of time difference between Germany and Ukraine enables direct exchange and quick decisions.

We organize chat and video conferences with messaging tools such as Zoom, Skype, or Slack. Tools such as Jira, Asana, or Trello are used for project management. For file management and version control, we use Google Drive and similar cloud-based applications for documentation, among other things, Confluence.

Your Team has always a dedicated team lead. Also, your team has access to supporting services HR, IT-Administration, Logistic, Security etc.


Your Remote Team – your advantages

Selected technical experts

Only one-hour time difference to Central Europe, fast and inexpensive flight connection

Teams ready for action usually within 2-4 weeks

Security: legal protection of intellectual property and source code

Over 30% cost-efficient than comparable in-house teams

Flexible contractual terms: You decide the duration of engagement

Up to 60% cost-efficient than comparable external consultants

Only the hours actually worked are billed, no holidays, no sick leaves, or training days.

One of our experienced on-demand CTOs / Solution Architects will assist you with your project to ensure you build your solution scalable, available and maintainable from the start.

Forget paying for rent, working space, and standard equipment. It is included.

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