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SKIY31 GmbH – technology partner for digitization projects, and JobTender24 GmbH – operator of the leading platform for third party recruiting, enter into partnership.

July 2021, Mannheim

Despite the current economic crisis in some areas, the demand for IT staff is growing rapidly. 83% of managing directors are currently experiencing a shortage of IT specialists on the job market. However, the uncertain situation means that the trend towards flexible solutions continues to grow. IT professionals are very much sought after in Germany and are therefore difficult to attract. This is exactly where SKIY31 has been successfully addressing for more than a year and a half.

The lockdown and other restrictions have even played into the cards for the business idea: remote work, remote teams – acceptance for employees who are not in the same location has increased significantly. During the crisis, many companies were able to sense that remote teams often work more efficiently. A blessing for Konstantin Shcherbina and the team after the difficult start: a large part of the team, the developers, are based in Ukraine. “The world has become more open, remote is no longer a problem. Now talent is becoming available for foreign markets and investment is flowing,” he sums up.

Many do not yet know that Ukraine is an IT hotspot. But Konstantin Shcherbina is convinced that this will no longer be an insider tip in ten years’ time. “The income in the IT sector is much higher in Ukraine than in the non-IT sector. As a result, many are going in this direction,” he reveals, and thus also reveals the secret of why the nerd cliché hardly applies to Ukrainian developers. “Because IT is so attractive, there are also many people there who have different strengths and would have previously chosen a profession in which they could have brought more their communicative strengths or their pronounced service philosophy.” In addition to IT competence, it is above all the social skills that the remote teams score with.

Fabiano Maturi, Managing Director of JobTender24 GmbH: “With the new partnership, we are creating a very attractive and efficient solution for all of our customers who are currently refraining from permanent positions and still want to advance IT projects and still have them firmly under control. With SKIY31, we have a trustworthy partner who is 100% specialized in IT remote teams ”.

The partnership between JobTender24 GmbH and SKIY31 GmbH is trend-setting and a real prime example that shows the change in the perception of the ‘Future of Work’. The working world is tending to become more flexible, agile and controllable remotely. By the end of 2022, SKIY31 wants to further expand the area of ​​technology partnership and start-up incubation.

And so, Konstantin Shcherbina thinks ahead with his vision: In the long term, the employees should share in the profit. “Then we can acquire, win and retain the best,” he is also convinced that success is not an individual achievement, but occurs above all when many work together, share a vision and everyone benefits from the result.

About SKIY31 GmbH

SKIY31 is an innovative technology partner from Germany, with global remote teams and many years of expertise in software development. The headquarters are in Ukraine and in the Mafinex technology center in Mannheim. Through technology partnerships and the establishment of full-scale solution delivery teams, SKIY31 takes on the high-end challenges of today. This is how you successfully advance exciting projects for startups and established companies.

About JobTender24 GmbH

JobTender24 is the market leader in Germany with its B2B platform and offers companies the faster generation of applicants who are sought, approached and proposed via the platform by professional agents. The company can work with several agents at the same time for the same vacancy. The company itself determines the respective amount of the success-based commission, which is only due if hiring.

JobTender24 digitizes and standardizes all processes: from the advertisement to the candidate proposals to the hiring. JobTender24’s customers already include hundreds of companies – medium-sized as well as corporations – and more than 2,000 agents are connected to the platform.

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